Digital Asset Workspace


Documents, images, videos and other content are the life blood of creative projects.


You need a project management solution that not only manages your time, but recognizes their work product is central to coordinating people and resources.


Review & Approval Workflows


In large organizations, rare is the case where one person's review and approval is enough. Infowit lets you set up complex workflows where documents, images, comps and videos can go through a multi-stage approval process, with flexible rules for all stages to trigger approval and instant notification of changes in status.

Image-intensive Projects


Infowit gives you displays that are designed for image-intensive projects. You can group images and quickly browse through thumbnails, zooming in whenever you need to.


Got videos and web content to review? Just link a thumnail image to it with the appropriate URL.

Collaborative File Proofing


While it would be nice if copy, images or comps were perfect the first time, creative projects endlessly require extensive revision and editing.


Infowit provides many mechanisms for managing this process, starting with integration with Acrobat to enable easy collaborative file proofing not only for your team but for your clients as well.


Document Status Alerts


Different people on your team or among your clients want to be notified when things happen. But they don't want to know everything, just what they are interested in seeing. Whether it's in the approval workflow or simply the final approval of the document, Infowit lets you specify exactly when each individual should be  notified of which changes in status so that important alerts don't get lost in a flood of messages.


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