Sometimes you spend so much time managing a project that you don't get to do the creative work you love.


Infowit Creative Manager™ takes care of keeping your team on schedule, your projects under budget and your clients happy. But it's more than just a task manager: Infowit's unique customizable infrastructure is designed  to adapt to your unique needs so that everyone on your team is more productive, and  you improve your bottom line.

Comprehensive Creative Project Management

End-to-end management solution designed specifically for creative teams.

Client & Team Collaboration

Integrate your clients into your project teams to collaborate and contribute while sticking to tight schedules.

Customizable Workflows, Data & Environments

Change the software to match your processes, not the other way around.

Infowit Creative Manager™. It's the most customizable Cloud-based project management software built specifically for creative teams by creative people. Choose the only creative project management solution that adapts to your unique way of doing business, and makes it possible to keep your competitive advantages even as you grow in a rapidly changing world.

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