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Most project management software tools are designed by programmers for programmers. If you've tried them, you know what we mean. Moreover, they either tell you to retrain your entire staff to run your business the way the product works, or its up to you to train the shrink-wrapped product to do things the way you want to do them.

A solution as unique and flexible as your business


Infowit provides an entirely different approach that combines:


  • A Customizable Web Application designed specifically to run creative businesses.
  • Professional Services to configure your system fast and help you fine-tune or even re-engineer your business processes if you need it.


This combination of product and services along with our experience in creative businesses is what makes Infowit unique. Infowit doesn't spend all its time generating whiz-bang dependency charts to confuse your clients so they have no idea when you'll deliver. And its not yet-another-accounting-package that can't keep up with the times (we'd rather integrate with the package you're already using). We concentrate on taking the unique business practices that have made you successful and turning them into repeatable processes that can scale as you rapidly grow and expand. With Infowit as your partner, you don't have to turn your business upside down to get started, and we build a path to gradually integrate Creative Manager into your processes so that your current work isn't disrupted and you see a positive return on your investment fast.

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